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Open panorama

Panorama abierto (Open Panorama) is a work project that proposes a dialogue with the panorama "Messina distrutta" made by the Italian-Argentine artist Augusto Ferrari in the early twentieth century. It is developed from

The animal that is all animals

"The animal that is all animals" (El animal que es todos los animales) is an installation that represents the experience of a dream. Through the setting of the space, between realistic and dreamlike,

Hacer oficio, patear la calle

Exhibition of site-specific drawing and performance by Marcela Rapallo, based on dialogues with Colombian colleagues and friends Raúl Trujillo, Powerpaola, Enrique Lozano and Alejandro Tamayo. The opening included a performance by YECA: Andrea

Drawing an Aleph

Drawing an Aleph is a metaphor about the creative gaze, and addresses how it is constituted collectively. The work project consists of a digital drawing in real time, in constant transformation, formed by

des hacer ver hacer se

Site Specific Drawing Installation / Sapo Galeria Dibujo Contemporaneo 2009 TEXTS ABOUT EXHIBITION: RAPALLO en Sapo Galeria Text of curator Eleonora Molina RAPALLO en Sapo Galeria - Texto Eleonora Molina.pdf 51 KB download-circle

Snow is comming

Viene nieve (Snow is coming) is a play with live drawing produced in 2008 in Buenos Aires, as a co-production between artists from Argentina and Colombia. It takes as its starting point the

Animated stories

"Cuentos animados" (animated stories) takes as its axis to act, narrate and draw Argentinean legends and folk tales. The selection was based on a personal and affective approach to these stories, as well