Live drawing / Online course

Live drawing / Online course

Discover a new dimension of live creativity with our real-time animated digital drawing workshop. If you are looking for a space to practice, train and explore drawing, this virtual workshop is for you.

Learn how to create your own live drawing performance with the interdisciplinary approach we offer. In our sessions, we investigate the language through collective practices, while we follow closely the individual process of each participant to make their own live performance.

We use the Trazos Club web platform for guided exercises and practices in synchronous meetings. In addition, we offer a personalized follow-up of your own project, which you can work on through platforms such as Andiamo and Tagtool, according to your expressive needs and available equipment.

Can you imagine using your new resources in events with projections on screens, buildings and in collaboration with musicians, scenic or visual artists, in plays, dance, recitals, spaces with immersive projections and any kind of performative action? With our workshop, you will be able to put into practice what you develop in a creative and innovative way.

The duration of the workshop is two months (8 classes), with a weekly synchronous meeting of 2 hours, and activities to do during the week, whose schedule will depend on your possibilities.

Don't miss the opportunity to unleash your creativity! Contact us at for more information about schedules and registration.