Trazos Club

Trazos Club is a web platform project that is proposed as a meeting place with participatory proposals. In its current version, it allows us to connect to a web page where we can


Andiamo is a free software program for animated live drawing. It started with Marcela Rapallo and Andres Colubri's explorations of the digital drawing medium with the platforms Moldeo and Processing. Andres Colubri developed


Tagtool is a platform for live animation based on drawing developed by the Omai team in Austria. It is used by Marcela Rapallo in live works, in video, and in workshops in a


The research on real-time animated digital drawing, between Marcela Rapallo and Andrés Colubri, began in 2007, with the development of the live drawing mode in the free software platform Moldeo, created by Fabricio