Marcela Rapallo is an artist, teacher and researcher. Her lines of work are live drawing and interdisciplinary experiences of collective creation. She participates in the development of technologies from the joint work with artists, educators and developers of Free Software. She coordinates the Trazos Club and Andiamo projects. It carries out exhibitions, theatrical works, performances, educational and cultural mediation projects, consultancies and workshops at festivals, galleries, foundations, community programs, and universities in Argentina and abroad.

She has a degree in Visual Arts from UNA, Universidad Nacional de las Artes (National University of the Arts, Argentina), where she works as a graduate and postgraduate professor in the Area of Multimedia Arts. She is the artistic coordinator of the Diploma in “Cultural Mediation, Community, Arts and Technologies ”, and directs the research Project “Open Drawing”.

She presented international performances in places such as Animal Festival (Red de animadores, Rosario, 2019), Accademia Albertina (Italy, 2018), Demócritos de Thracia University (Xanthi, Greece, 2018), Dialogues Cycle (Centro Cultural de la Ciencia, 2017), Festival Phase 8 (Recoleta Cultural Center, 2016), Cartón Animation Festival (Fm La Tribu 2015), Industrial Fuga Festival (2015), Let it Vj (Matienzo Cultural Club, 2014), Art Futura (CCEBA, Cultural Center of Spain in Buenos Aires Aires, 2010), Panoramic Festival (Espacio Fundación Telefónica, 2009), Festival Cultura y media (Centro Cultural San Martín, 2009), International Festival of Theater and Dance Buenos Aires (2007).

She made the theatrical plays Cuentos Animados (Animated Tales) and Viene nieve (Snow’s coming, with Enrique Lozano), presented in places such as the Festival La Ballena Azul (Centro Cultural Kirchner, 2015), Festival ACTI (Colombia, 2013), FAM Festival (Chile, 2011), Festival FITI (El Salvador, Central America , 2010), and Tecnoescena08 (Recoleta Cultural Center).

She exhibited in places such as PICA - Espacio Experimental de Fundación Lebensohn (2014), Museo Urbano (Hospital Argerich, 2012), Museo Eduardo Sívori (2012), Fondo Nacional de las Artes (2011), SAPO Gallery - Contemporary Drawing (2009), Kentler International Drawing Space Gallery (New York, 2008), Proyectista Office (2008), Recoleta Cultural Center (2007), La Casona de los Olivera (2004), IMPA La Fábrica Ciudad Cultural (2002), and Arcimboldo Gallery (Art Encounter of action and performance, 2002).

She performed talks and presentations on her research at the JamTec Conference (National University of Quilmes, 2020), Accademia Albertina (Italy, 2018), Democritos University of Thrace (Xanthi, Greece, 2018), Professional Conference for Illustrators (International Book Fair of Buenos Aires, 2015), UNA Revueltas del Arte Congress (2014), I Conference on Communication, Performing Arts and Audiovisual Arts UBA (2013), Expin MediaLab Workshop (Universidad Autónoma de Occidente, Colombia, 2012), International Seminar on Hypertextual Narratives NHT (Centro Cultural Recoleta, 2011), Universidad Javeriana, (Colombia, 2009), among others.